About Me

My name is Shazzad Hossain Khan. I’m a Website developer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the web world I’m:

I don’t design websites, I make them work.


My expertise and interest lies in front-end technologies, including HTML/5, CSS, JavaScript (as well as frameworks like jQuery). My server side skills revolve around PHP. WordPress is the platform i use most to build Website or Web Applications. I did stated my career as Flash AS2 & AS3 developer.

Favorite Quotes

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together – Ratan TATA, African Proverb
Code is Poetry – WordPress
Do not try remake the same thing that already exists. Use it, extend it, skip it, but don’t remake – my boss

About W4dev

W4dev is the my blog, where i write about WordPress, Web development tricks, Freelancing & some programming snippet that might be helpful for someone.


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