My Codecanyon Plugins – WordPress Plugin

MyCodecanyonPlugins is a WordPress Plugin to install or upgrade WordPress Plugins from Envato’s Codecanyon Marketplace.

About the Plugin

If you have purchase one or multiple WordPress Plugin from Codecanyon, you’d probably know that upgrading or installing those plugins aren’t really straight forward.

Right now what you do is –

  1. Download the purchased Package zip file from codecanyon.
  2. Unzip the package on your pc.
  3. Find the original plugin zip file.
  4. Upload it to your WordPress server and install.
  5. Regularly check for item Updates Or subscribe to the plugin authors mailing list.
  6. Once a new update is available, do the same process 1-4.

Now, guess you have purchase 20 plugins and you are doing the above process for all of them, how much time it will cost you ? 20*2 = 40 minutes ? Or probably More !?!

Our plugins just go beyond all of these fancy processes and serve you an easy method to install & upgrade your WordPress Plugin in just few seconds. All you need is your Envato username, an API key and item Purchase code.

Inside view


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