Improving Rank in Google Search – Improve SERP

Listed below 18 tips to get high rank in Google search and optimize on it. There are even more, but these i have found most important and easily adaptable.

Unique and Relative Title

Write unique title for every page. Use h1 tag to display title on the page. For a better title, try to determine what people will search for in real. Write it the way so people could trust to click on it from search result page. Example: Rather than ‘Create a WordPress Plugin’, one should write ‘How to Create a Related Post Widget WordPress Plugin’.

Meta Description

Try including meta description for pages. Do not restrict content using nodir, nodp meta tags if it’s not completely important. Make important keyword appear within meta description.

Unique Content

Do not to repeat content, even not a long part of it. Use internal link to refer to an existing resource. Do not make duplicate content on different page either. For WordPress tag or category page, write a meta description and use nodir, nodp so that same posts doesn’t get highlighted under different url. Also, rather than creating an updated version of same topic under different url, update the existing one with new and changed information.

Increase Readability

Break long sentences into short. Use most appropriate synonyms of words.

Highlight Landing Area

Put Page Title and an overview of the page content within visible part at top without scrolling any pixel. Optimize element spacing for mobile or lower display device to make sure the landing area also get importance on these.


Try to use relevant keywords in the URL.

Keywords and Topic

Highlight the topic in Meta title, h1 tag, meta description, page content, internal linking. The main keyword should existing in all of the mentioned location, and in content it’s usage should be multiple time.

Use Markup

Use content markup such as – microformats, RDFa, ARIA and for rich snippets elements. Also use Google’s Authorship markup

Get Quality Backlinks and Social Engagement

Get backlinks from high quality and relevant sites. Avoid backlink from spammed, lower ranked and irrelevant source. On other hand, use social sharing button on your page. If your content is something unique and useful, you reader will definitely share it on their social networks. And by this, there high chance that other will come though following the share. The more visitor, the more google will crawl and index the page.

Decrease Outbound Links

Avoid high outgoing links, properly use rel=nofollow on them. Also do not put external links to irrelevant content.

Decrease Number of Ads

Keep Ads as much lower as possible. Rather than placing multiple ads at a single place, distribute them proportionally throughout the page.

Valid HTML codes and attributes

Use alt attributes on images, title on links & h* tags, rel for network sites and author profile. Broken HTML tags cause lower page rank.

Create Sitemap

Create sitemap and submit on Google Webmaster Tools. Google Bot does not index a page unless it is refereed from an external site or from any other page of the same site.

Optimize page loading time and DNS

Keep site loading time lower as much as possible. decrease DNS server lookup time by using a better hosting. Page can be optimize by using compressed Image, CSS and JS


Use JavaScript to make things fancy, but not to do build the basic structure, elements. Use plain HTML & CSS to style the basic page. Try loading JavaScript files before closing body and increase using content related JavaScript’s inline. Only global purpose JavaScript’s should be on separate file.

Reference links & texts

User appropriate text for links, avoid read more, click here or similar texts. It is important that you content contain links to external pages which has a broad or extended definition of the same topic you are writing about and would be useful for the visitor to gather more data from. Example: If you are writing a tutorial about how to create a simple CMS in PHP, add some links to already popular CMS, other tutorial about CMS & so on.

Content quality

Find lower quality content / page and improve it. If can’t be improved, delete them completely.

Common Structures

Use common structure throughout the site.


Follow these steps and you will definitely get a better ranking in Google search. Just do not optimize page for Google bot, rather optimize it for visitors. The more you make a page content rich using unique content, images & videos, well navigation to move around part of the page, the more it will get noticed by Google too, as Google crawl websites as like a human.