W4 Internal Link Shortcode


Now you can easily embed your wordpress sites internal links (post,page,category,author) in post,page or category description pages. Just write the appropriate shortcode,and you are on. No need to update these links whenever you make any changes to the real link location.


The default category link of your site should look like something


Now, if you change your category base to cats, like http://example.com/cats/uncategorized/ , you don’t have to update the shortcode. It will take the latest format to show the link.

Use shortcode “intlink” to put a link.


1. type = default ‘post’. (your link type:post/page/cat/author).
2. id = default ”. (this is the post/page/author/category id based on the type you have chosen).
3. text = default based on the type. Post/Page title for type ‘post’ or ‘page’, Category name for ‘cat’, author display name for ‘author’. (the text to show inside the link).
4. name = default ”. (Name of the link item object. Ex: “Uncategorized” for category Uncategorized, “Hello world” for the post Hello world).
5. slug = default ”. (Slug of the link item object. Ex: “hello-world” for the post Hello world).
6. class = default ‘w4ils_link’. (A HTML class for the link element “a”).

Here is some links by shortcode.

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