Live Composer – Front-End Drag-Drop Content Creator WordPress Plugin

Visual composer made it far easy for people who do not have programming knowledge. Even having programming knowledge, people prefer to use Visual Composer to save time, and make the task easy and consistence. On 18 January 14, a new WordPress Plugin has been released on a Marketplace which has came up with a great feature, that lest Content Creation from Front-End. The Developer called it “Live Composer”.

Live Composer – Front-End Content Creator WordPress Plugin

Live Composer WordPress Plugin

Live Composer Plugin Comes with a Drag n Drop Front End Content Creation Capability. The Concept is similar to headway’s Page Builder WordPress Theme, but the features are different. Rather than changing the complete page layout, it easily let you change the content area, with some predefined modules. You can create responsive Grid, and add as much as module you want on it.

Modules available in the plugin

Element Modules

  • Accordion
  • Button
  • Image
  • InfoBox
  • Notification
  • Progress Bar
  • Separator
  • Slider
  • Social
  • Tabs
  • Text
  • Widgets

Posts Modules

  • Blog
  • Downloads
  • Galleries
  • Partners
  • Projects
  • Staff
  • Testimonials
  • WooCommerce

Post Template Modules

  • Comments
  • Comment Form
  • Content
  • Download Button
  • Gallery Slider
  • Meta
  • Thumbnail

Plugin Can be used seamlessly within any theme. It will cost you $25, but it worth a lot than that. Any Word would be smaller unless you Explore it yourself.

Check the plugin live in action