Hourly Project

There is no doubt that is the biggest outsourcing network at present internet business. Its about 3 and half year since i am a member of them. I usually seen a 2000-3000 users online at an average that time. But now, things have changed a lot. At an average 20000 members become online at present time. That statistics says that how much they have improved their technology and how freelancers are taking this service. Till now, freelancer have 2,868,413 active members and 1,239,844 completed project.

Previously, freelancer generally used 5 set of project budget amount for clients to post a project. And now, they have introduced a completely different and advanced technology to make things more clean, its the new “HOURLY PROJECTS“.

With hourly project introduced, Freelancers gives more money to their providers with the lowest commission rate in the industry- only 3% for gold members ($24.95/mo). This reduces approximately 70% commissions compared to some other, random sites.

Hourly Projects Benefits

Hire by the hour – Employers can hire Freelancers for long and short term jobs and pay them for the hours they work.

Flexible hours – Employers can vary the number of hours a Freelancer works from week to week. Freelancers, in turn, are freed up for other projects and earning opportunities.

Hire the right Freelancer – Finding the right person for a job, from among 2.8 million registered professionals, across a range of different rates and skill levels.

Easy Invoicing – Freelancers invoicing system is quick and simple to use. Freelancers can simply enter a description of the task performed, the number of hours and a rate, and an invoice is quickly produced. Provider can add other expenses that don’t relate to work, such as the purchase of a piece of software or stock image. All your invoices are stored on-site as PDFs for easy record keeping.

So why late ? Join now and make your dream come true..

Note: After completing a project, you must ask your client to mark the project as Completed as hourly project are not automatically closed upon completion