W4 Post List

With the w4 post list plugin you can show a list of selected posts, selected categories or a list with both of them on your WordPress site. It can be displayed on your sites widget area, post or page content area by shortcode. You will have appropriate options while creating or updating a list. Only the list id is need while showing it with shortcode. So there is no heavy shortcode parameter to fill.

Plugin’s Features:

Post list can be displayed with it’s category name or with out it. Also you can only show selected category list. After selecting a category, select the post you want to show manually. You can manage how the list will be displayed. Posts can be shown with –

  • post ID
  • post title
  • post content/excerpt
  • post image/thumbnail
  • post author
  • publishing date/time
  • last modified date/time
  • read more link


Place a list by shortcode postlist with a list id. Ex: [postlist 1].

Or you can implement a specific post list directly to your theme files, use function "w4_post_list" with list id. Example: w4_post_list( '1' ).
For returning value instead of echoing, use w4_post_list( 'the_list_id', false ).

Understanding post list basic options:

  • List ID:
    Current list id. This id is necessary for showing list with shortcode. You can show a post list on your post or page by list id.
    Example: [postlist 1] will show the list having id 1.
  • List name:
    This is not very essential now. Just for finding a list with this name on post list page menu.

w4 post list admin panel

  • List type:
    List type chooser. Only post list, only category list and both them together are available.
    Note: Selecting and saving this option will hide or reveal related options. So we recommend you do make a save after choosing your list type.
  • Show posts in category with a jquery slide effect:
    This is only for “Posts with categories” list type. Possitive selection will create a show/hide effect with jQuery to your list.
  • Post order by:
    In Which base the post will be orderby. Available options are newest, oldest, most popular, less popular, by alphabetic order (A-Z/Z-A) and random.
  • Readmore text : Text for the read more link

Visit W4 post list design template for Template documentation.

Download and get information from WordPress plugin page


Below is a simple post list of four latest post from w4dev.com. See how they are structured and arranged to be shown with a post image. Simple and awesome.

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