WordPress Plugin page without showing in admin menu

To exclude a Plugin Option Page link from WordPress Admin menu, simply register menu leaving the parent menu slug empty or null.

function w4dev_register_admin_page_menu() {
    $mypage = add_submenu_page( 
        'My Plugin Page', 
        'My Plugin Page', 
    add_action('load-'. $mypage, 'w4dev_load_admin_page_menu' );
add_action( 'admin_menu', 'w4dev_register_admin_page_menu' );

function w4dev_load_admin_page_menu(){}
function w4dev_admin_page_content(){}

This will create your plugin page without showing it on admin menu. Where you can still use w4dev_load_admin_page_menu function to handle request/action and w4dev_admin_page_content to generate the template for you plugin.