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    3. Creating Competition

    Creating Competition

    Competitions are like season of a tournament. To create a competition, Click on Competitions link under Soccer Engine menu, and then click on add new.

    After you click on add new, a new competition will be created. Next, configure the competition with your needs.

    Name for the competition. It’s better to include season name in it also. ex: My League 16/17

    Short name:
    Shortname is a shorter name, probably in 3 small letters, with season name, ex: ml1617. It is displayed on various location where space is limited, and full name can not fit in.

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    season name, ex: 2016-17, 2017 etc.

    in which timezone you will be saving match dates for this competition. based on this setting, UTC time for each match will be calculated. And, on frontend, that utc time to be converted to visitors localtimezone and displayed. Changing this value after creating one or multiple matches could result invalid match time 🙁

    Start date, End date:
    When the competition start and ends.

    Use Matchdays:
    If the competition is a round robin league, or any other league format where matches are scheduled in matchday, set this to yes. Our plugin can automatically calculated matchday by using team & and their schedule. If a team playing their third match, it should be matchday 3. But problem arises of the schedules are not in order. Like if Team A is playing their 3rd match, but Team B is playing their 4th, then the calculation doesn’t work. Matchday can be assigned manually from match edit page.

    Matchday Title
    Matchday prefix. ex: Weekday %s, Day %s, Day %s.

    Match Points:
    You can assign win, draw, loose condition match points unless it works as like the global soccer pointing, 3, 1, 0.

    Select teams participating in the competition. If you haven’t created any teams yet, use the quick-links to create some.

    After adding teams, save the competition and reload the page.

    Rounds are used for grouping matches and teams. Creating round and setting teams for it will let you display group points table, or display matches by group. Round has similar option to Competition, just limited in numbers. If you don’t want a round to be used in standing calculation, set Disable Standings to no, and same for top scorers & assists. After making changes on round, click on Update round to update current, or Update Rounds to update all of the rounds data.

    At here, you can create matches for the competition with initials settings. Click on the Manage matches button make the match form appear. You can also chose Starts and Ending date if you want to edit already created matches between those days.

    It’s the points table. If your competition don’t need points table, set Hide Standings to no. When competition have group rounds, and you want to display points table by group, set the option Standings type to Separate each round, otherwise, use Combine all rounds. Automatically Generate Standings option automatically calculate the points table based on match played by teams.