W4 post list design template

To hide a loop template element, just remove the template tag from the design template.

Template tag has been introduced in W4 post list plugin in version 1.4. These tags are used when admin create or update a list option. These tags are parsed to its specific value when the a list get viewed/displayed as like WordPress Shortcodes.

For a easy understanding i could say that, the way WP Shortcodes are placed inside post/page content wrapping with third bracket ([[shortcode]]), and W4 post list template tags are placed the same way.

General tags

postlist -
The complete post list HTML. Wrap you post list inside one or many HTML layer and display.

postloop -
Post Template Loop. While displaying posts, every post go through the postloop once.

Category Template Loop. While displaying categories, every category go through the catloop once.

Category tags

category_title -
Category title template

category_count -
Category item count

category_posts -
Posts inside this category. If you remove this field from post list template, And using post category list type, selected posts wont be visible

Post tags

postloopcontains the Post Loop Template. If u want to show posts as list, use ol or ul to wrap the postloop. Loop template contains certain loop elements

title -
Post title template

meta -
Meta template. Ex: Posted on date by author

publish/date -
Post publishing date template

modified -
Post last update date template

author -
Post author template linked to author url

excerpt -
Post excerpt template

post_excerpt -
Raw Post excerpt without wrapper. By default plugin wrap it with a html div

content -
Post content template

content -
Raw Post content without wrapper

more -
Read more template

… Additional Post tags

id|ID -
Post ID

link or post_permalink -
Post permalink url address

publish/date -
Post publishing date

post_title -
Raw Post Title Without link

post_author -
Post author name

post_author -
Post author url address


Post list is designed to match it to your theme. However, you have to understand where are you using it and what type of list do you need.

My first example is to create a list like the post archive page of tweentyten theme. Below is the HTML design code for this.

Post Archive example- Tweentyten theme

First, create a list and select some posts. Then use below codes for specific fields.

Code for Template Wrapper -

[postlist 1]

we are not wrapping our list with any kind of html here

Code for Post Template Wrapper -


again, no wrapping

Code for Post Template Loop -

<div class="post-[id] hentry" id="post-[id]">
<h2 class="entry-title"><a rel="bookmark" title="Permalink to [post_title]" href="[link]">[post_title]</a></h2>
<div class="entry-meta">[meta]</div>
<div class="entry-content">[post_excerpt] [more]</div>

This is not a 100% match, as we do not have thumbnail, tag and categories for the post etc. But, it match most of it. The post meta section (<div class=”entry-meta”>[meta]</div>) can be customied more deeply, we just used it as we already have similar thing by the plugin.

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